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Online tea ceremony (come as you are)

-online tea meditation
-Sunday 7.2.2021 at 14.00-16.00 (Please join latest at 13.45) Finnish time.
-using zoom

The goal is to have a nice tea meditation and connect with other tea people. Come as you are, you don’t need to brew tea in any specific way or have specific tea or teaware. For example a thermos and a mug are good enough a tea set 🙂

Time & date
Sunday 7.2.2021 at 14.00-16.00 (Please join latest at 13.45) Finnish time.
The joining link will be closed at 14.00, because joining after the ceremony has started would disrupt the atmosphere.

If you are new to tea meditation or want tips on how to brew your tea please come a bit earlier around 13.30 so we have time to go trough them.

How to join?
No pre-sign up needed. We will be using zoom. Use the link and password below.
Passcode: mettateaone (spam protection: write the “one” as “1” in the password)
Meeting ID: 832 2207 5379

Using zoom should be pretty straightforward but if you haven’t used it yet please familiarize yourself with it and test your camera and microphone before the session.

General preparation
1. Reserve a peaceful and clean space.
2. Reserve enough time and arrive on time so the session can start calmly. This session is going to be around 1,5h from which about 1h is in silence.
3. Set up the necessary tea and other equipment close by. Your water kettle / boiler, brewing equipment, candle etc.
4. Choose a tea suitable for tea meditation.
5. I recommend eating something small before drinking tea.
Technical preparation
1. Test that your camera and microphone are working in zoom before joining the session.
2. Make sure you you have enough power on your device.
3. Put your phone notifications and other things off so they won’t bother during the session
Recommendations for the ceremony itself
1. Drink many cups / infusions (minimum of three).
2. Put mindfulness on brewing the tea.
3. Invite curiosity and attention to the tea and the effects to your mind and body.
4. Relax and enjoy. Don’t force anything. This is a time for yourself without having the need to plan the future or worry about the past.

Any problems or questions contact  me (whatsapp +358443519993 or tertti[only @ here]

Hoping to see you there 🙂