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Why do I run Liquid Metta?

I want to share these teas and the ceremonial use of them because meditative tea practice has been extremely important in my spiritual/holistic growth. Sharing them brings me a lot of joy and meaningfulness. My name is Tertti Tenhola, and I run Liquid Metta. Find out more about my tea path here.

Metta means loving-kindness, friendliness, and active interest in others. During metta meditation, you focus loving energy toward yourself and others. This is essentially what tea is/does for me, hence the name Liquid Metta.

Tea meditation is both a gentle and a powerful practice. In my experience in order to get the benefits you need high quality, powerful and pesticide free tea and a ceremonial way to have it. These teas are very rare and sometimes hard to find so I want to share my findings with you in my webshop.

The profit margins on the teas are quite low (15-25%) so currently this is more like a hobby than a business.

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What’s special about Liquid Metta?

One of my special skills is finding pu’er and liubao which is especially clean (pesticide free), has a strong energy and is suitable for ceremonial use.

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Pricing & VAT

The prices are shown for a sample and a bigger amount (Usually 15g and 300g/whole cake). There is no VAT on the prices because I’m not VAT obliged (EU or outside EU).

22 replies on “Liquid Metta”

Very Nice this new website. Since I prefer to drink quality tea this is the place I can trust I’ll get it. Thanks for your great work!

I’ve had several teas on offer and they’re all very nice teas.

It’s the only store within the EU that sells such a high quality tea. The price is also very affordable for the quality. You can get comparable teas for about the same price if you order from outside the EU but then you’d have to pay import tax/customs fees and it will take time to process, it’s just a hassle and often also more expensive in the end. I highly recommend getting teas from here if you’re in the EU. And if you’re outside EU this is another good source of high quality teas anyways.

Also Tertti is a lovely and kind person who is always helpful and gives great service.

I’d say, if you find one shop where the whole selection of tea is carefully chosen and always high quality, stick to it! Share it with friends! Those places are rare to find. For me, Liquid Metta is exactly that.

It’s wonderful your effort in helping us sensitive drinkers to get clean high quality tea!
…If I think about how much pesticides we have been drinking before finding our teas, especially our favourite ones to accompany our meditation practice…
It’s wonderful you’re helping tea and meditation lovers to get good tea more easily!

Thank you for inspiring us all, make it happen <3

I’ve been drinking tea with Tertti since 2013, and arranging tea ceremonies together as Suvanne since 2015. And about since 2015, easily most of the tea that I drink is directly or indirectly from Tertti.

Back in the days, Tertti did the hard work, ordering literally hundreds of tea samples from different tea providers, tasting through them, and concluding that “Okay THESE are the chosen ones, the good ones”. And then we’d order larger amounts of those good teas together.

So if you’ve ever been to tea ceremony I’ve arranged, the chances are high that the tea was originally found and hand-picked by Tertti the Taster. ^^
I have a full 100% trust in Tertti’s taste, and thus far it has not failed me once.

Disclaimer: I’ve known Tertti since 2013, so my take on the subject can never be fully objective. But still, there are very few people who’s tea recommendations I would trust more.

I participated in Tertti’s tea ceremony the first time in 2017. I had drank tea by myself before, but having great quality tea with a skillful tea master in a real tea ceremony was something else! I remember the sensations and feelings I had never felt before and was amazed how I good and clear I felt afterwards. I also fell in love with the taste of old pu’er very soon after trying it with Tertti. At that time I had lots of challenges in life and having my own little tea ceremony with good pu’er was one of the few ways I could actually stop and relax. Thank you Tertti for introducing me to this wonderful world of tea and meditation!

To put it simply:

I never have doubts about the quality of the tea when I order from Tertti. Saves me a lot of trouble and frustration.

On the other hand nowadays it’s hard to drink any other tea after learning from Tertti how much impurities many teas have. 😉

All in all he is really taking the tea experience to the next level. I have learned that when you appreciate the tea, it’s origin, it’s essence – the tea appreciates you in return. Go and experience that yourself if you don’t believe me! 🙂

I have attended some of Tertti’s tea ceremonies. He always pays great attention to the quality of the teas as well as proper storage, so that particularly the pu’ers age well even in the nordic climate (something that most shops don’t take into account btw). Highly recommended! 🙂

I found pure quality teas through Tertti. Those teas have changed my life. I have quite a personal relationship to them all and feel much love and gratitude towards them. I have had a chance to connect with people in more authentic and deep level after The Tea has entered my life. Have also had even more gratefullness in my everyday life. And seeing more of that beauty and miracle like nature that life holds and offers to us. Also in those more heavy moments that aren’t so nice to go through. New insights in and to those. <3

Tertti is very sensitive with recognizing the pure tea and I do trust to have quality ones from him. Happy to have a trustworthy tea dealer so don't have to search all on my own from huge variety of tea shops and there tea selections. ,:D

Tertti is doing something very valuable with Liquid Metta. Aside from making high-quality, clean tea more easily available for us in Europe, I appreciate how he is doing this as a fellow tea friend and enthusiast – with loving-kindness in every step.

When talking about tea and meditation, finding a source of pure tea is incredibly important. Tertti has the talent to feel which teas are best for meditation and to explain special characteristics of each tea. The world needs projects like this!

I had no idea how amazing tea can actually taste and feel, before I tried some of Tertti’s teas.

Tea is such a sensitive product and so many things affects to the quality that finding good ones seems the most time consuming task ever. Happily Tertti does the work very well so I only have to enjoy. These teas have my 100% trust. Thank you!

I met Tertti at the tea sage but in Taiwan January or early February of 2016. At the time I was new to tea ceremony. I knew that I enjoyed it and could feel the benifits like calmness, heart space, connection and slowing down. I did not yet know the difference between shou and sheng. Red tea was still black tea to me.

Tertti took the time to serve me tea one morning before meditation. He offered me some valued information. I learned from Tertti that tea doesn’t have to be an expensive pursuit. He showed me where I could get an inexpensive side handle pot online. I shared this find with my friends, three of them have this pot. He shared with me where he had bought teas and teaware that were bad investments to save me from making some of the same mistakes. This is profound as over the years I have spent money on teas that have made me sick and some teaware that is poor functionality. To meet someone who is willing to share their experience in hopes to better mine is truly a treasure.

Later that year Tertti messaged me when he was in Malaysia. He was purchasing some very nice teas and he offered them to me for significantly cheaper than I could have purchased them from online venders at the time. Some incredible Liu Bao from the 70’s and early 2000’s. The next year we were both in Asia again and he reached out to me about buying some tea. Again I bought some amazing teas at an incredibly discounted price when compared to online vendors. A beautiful shou from thousand year old trees that I see for twice the price I payed or more online.

Tertti and I have stayed in touch we check in every now and then and see how the other is doing. Recently Tertti has again made some welcomed impacts on my tea life. We had some video chat gongfu sits that have helped me steep deeper into the practice. Tertti also shared with me that he uses “Bovida” a humidor moisture pack that keeps humidity in the tea. I live in western Canada in a very dry climate my tea dries out in a few years despite keeping it in paper and sealed in plastic or jars. I ordered the bovidas and I now store my teas together ( genre specific ) in large zip lock bags with a bovida inside. This has made a significant difference and revived some thought to be dead teas. I’m now sharing this with my local community.

I also so enjoy how Terti talks about tea. In a pleasant manner he’ll tell me how really terrible something is. Ha ha I love that honesty no sugar coating it makes me chuckle too. Terti has influenced and changed my tea story for the better and it’s echoed out though me into my local community. He freely shared information that enhances tea space. He shares what mistakes he’s made so we don’t need to make them. He has taken the time to connect with me one on one to help me along. He is reaching out and sharing group teas online, this is so good for us.

There are a number of venders that sell great teas but I don’t know them and their prices are to high. Over the last 5 years I’ve come to 3 places that I buy trusted tea from at a fair price. Terti is one and I am forever grateful for that.

Just got some of my fav teas like 4 Gold and Cloud hidden to my home in Germany. Its amazingly enriching my start in the day. Highly recommended!

Tertti played a huge role on my personal journey as a young tea lover on a path of meditation and cha dao, the moments we drank tea together impacted my practice deeply and I was quite impressed by his ability to feel and articulate tea qualities, the teas I was introduced to are still some on top of my list even after years of personal research and drinking ! Thank you tertti for offering up this space to share your personal selection and expertise it truly is a big gift and I look forward to my first order and explore new teas listed here!

Liquid Metta specializes only in clean & ceremonial tea which gives the best possible framework and states of mind for meditations and internal work. Tertti has very strict criteria regarding the cleanness and quality of what he puts out for sale, and I fully recommend the selection, as you’ll never have to doubt whether the tea is what it’s meant to be. There aren’t enough tea shops like this in the world.

I’ve been Tertti’s friend since 2014, and I’ve helped write the descriptions for many of the teas, and I’ve tried/bought many others too. Based on my sampling, there isn’t a single tea here that I wouldn’t gladly have in my ceremonies. Much love!

Thank you again Tertti. It was nice to get packet from you, earlier than promised and more I ordered 🙂 Quality is always premium, so don’t have to think too much what I will get. Taste of tea is better when you know the maker of the bowl and pot you drinking of. But it is a BIG bonus to know also where the tea comes from.

Tertti is such a great person. Best customer service I ever had, he actually allowed me to return a pair of bowls because I didn’t like the mouth feeling when I was drinking tea from them. Teas are also top-notch, to say the least.

Big recommendation! Drinking tea has changed my life, and has given me so much clarity and balance in my mornings. I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to drink this high quality tea in a ceremonial way…This morning I drank “Gentle Home” or I like to call “Homie” 😉 And it really balances, calms, and grounds me from my inner-chaos/turmoil in a very subtle and minimalist simple way. Like a hug from a homie.

Tertti is an amazing kind, loving, caring and has a huge heart in his life and with the way he is with Tea. Big support!

Vaikka olen vasta täysi aloittelija omalla teematkallani, niin haluan antaa oman palautteeni kuulua Tertin työstä korkealaatuisen teen ja sen jakamisen parissa.

Olen saanut istua erilaisissa Tertin tarjoilemissa teeseremonioissa useita kertoja. Niissä on ollut tilaa monenlaisille sisäisille ja jaetuille matkoille, joista ei ole puuttunut sen enempää meditatiivista läsnäoloa ja prosessien alkemiaa kuin iloa ja huumoriakaan. Teeistunnon pohjalle rakentuvan tietoisen yhdessä työskentelyn muodon, jonka konseptin Tertti on luonut, olen kokenut hyvin antoisaksi.

Oivalsin mustikkaretkellä siemaillessani Tertiltä ostettua teetä häneltä ostetusta kulhosta, että Metta onkin osuva sana kuvailemaan sitä asennetta ja energiaa, josta käsin hän toimii. Eri kokemusteni ja huomioideni palaset loksahtivat yhteen tajunnassani ja niistä kristallisoitui syvempi ja selkeämpi oivallus tästä Metta-olemuksesta. Ystävällinen hyvä tahto välittyy minulle kaikista hänen eleistään. Huomaan, että tee on hänelle enemmän kuin työ tai harrastus: se on sydämen intohimo ja keskeinen osa kokonaisvaltaista hyvinvoinnin, henkisen kasvun ja palvelemisen elämäntapaa.

Tämän oivalluksen innoittamana minun on ilo ja kunnia saada kiitellä Terttiä ja hänen toimintaa täällä hänen nettisivuilla. Toivon Tertille ja Liquid Mettalle kasvua ja menestystä pitkälle tulevaisuuteen!

hi there I am not sure how to directly email you I am looking to buy a few kgs of the four coins liu bao. can you please reach out to me? Thank you (