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Liquid Metta is a group tea order with benefits occurring twice per year. I focus on pu’er and liubao for meditation and tea ceremony.

Metta means loving-kindness, friendliness and active interest in others. During metta meditation, you focus loving energy toward yourself and others. This is essentially what tea is/does for me so I decided to name my tea project Liquid Metta.

My name is Tertti and I run Liquid Metta. Check more about me from my story.

Why participate in Liquid Metta?

Wide selection (coming in spring 2020)
Carefully selected teas for meditative tea ceremony
100% satisfaction guarantee
EU customers avoid customs declaration

How does it work?

The webshop works in two different ways in two different times of the year. Twice per year for limited two weeks time there is a “big order time” and the rest of the year is “sample order time”. See detailed explanation for the ordering process in Ordering & Shipping process.

Sample order time
You can only order small (usually 30g) samples and no bigger amounts are sold or shown in stock. You can buy maximum two samples of each tea. The order will be sent to you in 5 business days.

Big order time
You can order both bigger quantities and small samples. You can buy maximum two samples of each tea. There is no limit for the bigger quantities except what is shown in stock. Depending on which teas you order the order processing time is different (choices 1,2 and 3). The order processing time (5 business days or 8 weeks) is described clearly in the products’ weight text when adding the product to cart.

Here’s how you can plan your order

Choice 1
You choose only teas which are all available at the time of ordering and you will receive them quickly. You will pay one shipping fee and I will send the samples and bigger amounts to you in 5 business days.

Choice 2
You choose teas which only some I have in storage at the time of ordering. You want to pay only one shipping fee and are willing to wait longer to receive your parcel. I will send all of your teas in 8 weeks.

Choice 3
You choose teas which some of I have and some don’t have in storage at the time of ordering. You are willing to pay the shipping fee twice (add it to the cart here) in order to receive some of the tea quicker. The teas which I have in storage at the time of ordering will be shipped in 5 business days and the ones I don’t in 8 weeks.

Check the shipping fees and estimated times below.

The next big order times
First big order time will be starting in beginning of March 2020. Second one will start in Autumn-early winter 2020 so you can stock up for the winter.
Join the mailing list if you want to get notified when the big order time is starting.

Enter the shop here

Shipping & ordering info

Order processing times
Sample order time: 5 working days
Big order time: 8 weeks

Flat shipping fees
(including VAT if applicable)
Check out shipping zones here
6€ Finland
12€ Baltics
15€ To zones 1,2
35€ To zones 3,4

Estimated shipping times
Finland: 2 business days
Baltics: 2 business days
Zones 1,2: 3-7 business days
Zones 3,4: 6-14 business days


The prices are shown for a sample and a bigger amount (Usually 30g/300g or 30g/whole cake).

As a default prices listed include VAT. For non-EU customers the VAT will be reduced in checkout. VAT is 14% for tea and 24% for other things.

95% of the time there will be no discounts in the shop. I might offer an extra sample sometimes but that’s it. Doing business like this avoids me a lot of hassle and I can keep the prices lower for you. If you are planning to order 10kg or more send me a message and I can offer a discount.


I’m back in Finland from Sri Lanka. I’m currently adding a few more teas to the webshop. After that I can start the first group order round in beginning of March. Stay tuned! 🙂

Bonus video (remember to put English captions)

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2 replies on “Liquid Metta”

Very Nice this new website. Since I prefer to drink quality tea this is the place I can trust I’ll get it. Thanks for your great work!

I’ve had several teas on offer and they’re all very nice teas.

It’s the only store within the EU that sells such a high quality tea. The price is also very affordable for the quality. You can get comparable teas for about the same price if you order from outside the EU but then you’d have to pay import tax/customs fees and it will take time to process, it’s just a hassle and often also more expensive in the end. I highly recommend getting teas from here if you’re in the EU. And if you’re outside EU this is another good source of high quality teas anyways.

Also Tertti is a lovely and kind person who is always helpful and gives great service.

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