I do mostly remote sessions but also live if agreed upon. If you are looking for something else than described below please ask. For bookings and questions please send an email to tertti[only @ here] . Prices are decided case by case basis.

I have 7 years experience with daily meditation, tea ceremony and other spiritual practices. For the last two years I have worked intensely with my childhood traumas mainly with somatic (body-oriented) therapies and IFS (internal family systems). Please note that I am not a certified therapist in any modality.

Guided tea ceremony

In this session the goal is that you understand the structure and the most important aspects of the tea ceremony, how to brew the tea and how to have a meditative tea ceremony on your own.

You will practice with my guidance in the actual ceremony where you will brew the tea. During the ceremony I will offer meditation and brewing instructions. After the ceremony I will give you advice about the most important next steps for you to continue the practice on your own.

Guided therapeutic work

In these guided therapeutic sessions we bring awareness gently to your unconscious emotions and reactions. Your feeling of safety and trust are the foundation of a successful session. This guided session may be combined with a guided or non-guided tea ceremony.

May help you with:
-psychedelic experience integration
-healing trauma
-psychosomatic symptoms
-relationship and emotional challenges

Live tea ceremonies

I offer small and big live tea ceremonies and guided therapeutic workshops in different settings and events. I have experience from different kinds of events, birthday parties, festivals, weddings, raves etc. Please send a query about your idea.