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Group order 1/2021 is open now

So now you can order both bigger amounts (250g+) and small samples.

It will close next Wednesday 3.2.2021 at 20:00 (UTC+3) and the next one will be in September 2021 so there will be a long break.

Even though I offer bigger amounts only in limited times I always recommend sampling properly before buying big amounts (read why from my blog post here).

Enter the shop

To see all products, prices and availability in one glance check here.

Free boveda pack

From now I will put one 69% boveda pack to every group order order because I think it can improve your tea quality a lot. I wrote a longer blog post about this a while ago.

How does the group order work?

“Group order” is occurring a few times per year and the rest of the time is “sampling period”.

In the group order I will gather everyone’s orders, order what’s needed from different wholesalers, receive the teas and finally ship everyone what they ordered.

Sampling period
Only samples are available.
Maximum two 15g samples per tea per order.
5 business days processing time.

Group order
Occurring for one week at a time twice per year.
You can order both bigger quantities (250g+) and small samples.
Maximum two 15g samples per tea per order.
8 weeks processing time.

New products

See all new products in webshop here.
Wan’s 90s gift – A nice classical style 90s liubao
2000s Kaikkiness 2 – semi-aged sheng tuocha
Chai (spices & tea) – very high quality chai
Chai (only spice mix) very high quality chai. Non caffeine version.
Chinese mineral stones – for mineralizing your water
Red sandalwood – incense
8 litre tea storage bag – big bag for storing your tea
Boveda 69% humidity pack – for keeping the humidity optimal in your tea storage

If you have any questions let me know 🙂

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