Webshop is closed until April 2023

Webshop is closed because I’m traveling until April 2023. You can still buy the 1-on-1 online counseling.

Why do I run Liquid Metta?

I want to share these teas and the ceremonial use of them because meditative tea practice has been extremely important in my spiritual/holistic growth. Sharing them brings me a lot of joy and meaningfulness. My name is Tertti Tenhola, and I run Liquid Metta.

Check out the front page for more information!

How does Liquid Metta work?

  1. Sampling
    You can sample small 15g amounts of different teas all around the year. So you can get to know the teas before buying bigger amounts. Max 2 samples of one tea per order.
  2. Group order
    A few times a year I organize a group order where you can buy bigger amounts (300g+). The order processing time is around 10 weeks. Max 2 samples of one tea per order.
  3. “100g+ available now”
    If you want to get some tea a bit bigger amount outside of group order I have a small selection available for this purpose.


Added Gentle Home and Jingmai shou to available now with also 1/2 cake option.

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