So how does the group order thing work?

“Group order” is occurring a few times per year and the rest of the time is “sampling period”.

Sampling period
Only samples are available.
Maximum two 15g samples per tea per order.
5 business days processing time.

Group order
Occurring for one week at a time twice per year.
You can order both bigger quantities (250g+) and small samples.
Maximum two 15g samples per tea per order.
8 weeks processing time.

Placing an order
Just make an order normally from the webshop whichever time you are doing the order.

The right processing time for the product is shown and chosen in the product page.

During sampling period bigger amounts are automatically shown all out of stock. During group order the big amounts are shown in stock. If a sample is shown out of stock it’s not possible to get. During group order some samples are only available with 8 weeks processing time.

Could you give me a discount?

Generally no but if you are planning to order minimum of with 3000€ (non VAT price) of tea I can offer a 15% discount. This discount is same for friends, companies or whatever.

I don’t like marketing manipulations and by not manipulating with discounts I can avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle and I can keep the prices lower for you.

Also if I would offer discounts to some friends or companies I need to choose which of them receive the discount and which don’t. Essentially that would mean I need to “put a value” to certain friend against other friends with some sort of criteria which would feel really bad.

Where do get your teas?

I get my teas from wholesalers mainly in Malaysia, Taiwan and China which I have found in person or online and have been a personal customer for a long time. I’m not in contact with farmers or go to tea farms to get teas. Other than this I can’t really tell more specifically.

The same reasoning goes here. I would need to choose which friends I tell and which don’t with some sort of “value or trustworthy algorithm”. Obviously I can’t tell where I get the teas to everyone in order to protect my brand. And my close friends already know most of the places anyways so they don’t need to ask.

Which teas I could get faster than 8 weeks in group order?

I don’t want to tell. Telling different processing times for different teas would be confusing for the customer and complicated for me. So if you would like to participate in the group order please be willing to wait 8 weeks + shipping time for you order. Nevertheless it is possible that you will receive your order much earlier depending what you ordered.

Since February 2021 I’m offering bigger than 15g amounts of limited teas with 5 day processing time in sampling period. For the moment only tea in this selection is Laos shou bar.

What does “in stock” mean in the webshop

In group order “in stock” means only that it’s available for ordering. It might be that I have it already in my physical storage but usually that’s not the case. I try to keep my physical stock to a minimum. I don’t want to share which teas I have in my physical storage and which not because it would be confusing for the customer and complicated for me.

FAQ updated 17.2.2021

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