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Tea skype

What is tea skyping?

For me the core is the same than you would have a tea with another person in real life. The people are just not there with you physically. You have a video call and drink tea together in silence, semi-casual or how you wish. It’s about connecting you to other tea people who are hard to meet otherwise.

How do you organize a tea skype?

Start by deciding the suitable time and software for you. I often use skype but also google hangouts, whatsapp (max 4ppl) and others should work well. Take extra attention to set up the time correctly if you have people from different time zones. Time zone converter is a handy tool for this purpose. I would recommend reserving 1-2 hours for the session but of course it’s up to you. Remember to take into account that you might need to tweak some technical things in the beginning of the session. I recommend using a proper headset to have good two way communication.

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Decide tea session style: silent, semi-casual or casual. Like all of my tea meditations I love to start my tea skypes with minimum three rounds in silence. You could also decide on the tea, brewing style and other things in advance like for example drinking the global tea hut‘s tea of the month together.

Finally invite people to your tea skype. If you would like to try tea skyping but don’t have tea skype friends send me an email (tertti[put@here ] and you can join our next session 🙂

Enjoy tea skyping!