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Tea & teaware flea market 2022

I’m once again cleaning out my closets of samples and other stuff which I don’t want to keep. If you are interested in anything just send me an email to tertti(at) or whatsapp +358443519993

Prices are without shipping. It’s possible to combine a normal webshop order shipping with flea market order if you send me a message beforehand.

UPDATE 12.2.2022 only some teaware left.

Chahai ~200ml
FREE (not including shipping)
flower gongfu cups 4x
FREE (not including shipping)
35ml filled to the brim
Sold only as a set.
gongfu cup #2
FREE (not including shipping). Sold only as a set.
These are maybe the nicest cups for the tea quality from these flea market ones. Slightly older porcelain.