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Summer tea flea market 2022

Recently I removed lots of teas from the webshop. So here are some leftover amounts from those plus other findings from my storage. Most of these are very nice summer teas.

Please note that these tea flea market teas are usually lower quality compared to what I sell in the webshop.

I’m updating this page as the teas are are sold.

Please order these teas by sending me a message (don’t try to add in webshop) by email (tertti[only @ here] or whatsapp (plus nr3 nr5 nr8 443519993). You can combine a normal webshop order with flea market order.

All of these teas have had good storage and don’t have agrochemicals (as far as my skills say) if not noted.

2016 YS monkey mini tuocha ~275g (SOLD)
price: 12€
Nice little 2-3g sheng buttons. Bright energy. Light character for a sheng pu’er.

Check more info from:

2016 YS red monkey mini tea cake 50g total left ~245g
price: 12€ (SOLD)
Similar than the monkey mini button but slightly better material.

2018 Mengku da xue shan 200g cake ~175g left (SOLD)
price: 10€
Quite basic young sheng.

Check more info from:

2015 laos green bar 450g (SOLD)
price: 15€ for 450g or 8€ 225g
I used to sell it in the webshop. The character is light like between sheng pu’er and green tea.

2015 laos black bar 115g(SOLD)
price: 5€
Oxidized tea. I used to sell it in the webshop.

2018 “breath” moonlight white cake 70g (SOLD)
price: 6€
Moonlight white cake. Kind of in between black (oxidized) and white tea. I used to sell it in the webshop.

More info: or

YS sample set (SOLD)
price: free
I didn’t like these. It felt that they probably have some agrochemicals.