2021 Ban Pen


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2021 Ban Pen

Ban Pen is a strong shou pu’er with a rare deep energy. It’s one of the best sellers.

Origin, processing, trees

It comes from Bulang mountains in Menghai county. It was wet piled in late 2020.

It’s a freshly fermented shou so it still has slight “wet-piling” character which will smooth out in the next few years. Nevertheless it’s an excellent tea already.

Taste, aroma, mouthfeel

Earlier steeps have a sweet character which turns to dark chocolate in the middle of the tea session. Woody and fresh aromas dominate the late steeps.

Thick and smooth mouthfeel and easy to swallow. There is also some hui gan. There is a tiny bit of “unbalance” in the mouthfeel from the recent wet piling which will dissipate over the next few years.

Qi, TCM, my experiences

The energy is quite strong, deep and a bit trippy with earth and metal elements dominating. Such strength and type of energy is quite rare in young teas. This might not be the best morning/daytime tea because of the “deep” kind of effect.

According to TCM shou pu’er has a warming character.

Brewing tips

Works best in a teapot (gong-fu or side-handle) but it’s also good boiled or brewed in a thermos.

Availability and price info (updated 13.04.2023)

Good availability.

Most likely price will increase 5-10% annually.

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Additional information

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