2020 Clarity

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2020 Clarity

Clarity is a very clear and bright shou pu’er especially for such age and price. It’s one of the shous that found it’s place in my daily tea meditation diet quickly.

Origin, processing, trees

This tea has a few special characteristics. It was fermented on wooden platforms rather than concrete floor. Fermentation period was 45 days which leaves some “shengy” character room for future development (this is not very rare). In the wet piling the tea was watered with only spring water. The leaf material was fermented in 2019 and then was aged/aired for almost a full year before pressing it to cakes.

Mika Hannola’s tasting notes


Taste, aroma, mouthfeel

March 2021 tasting:
Very little wo-dui taste/mouthfeel for such a young tea. Maybe it’s because of the special processing and aging before pressing into cakes. There is a very slight roughness on the mouthfeel from the youngness of the tea.

more tastes upcoming…

Qi, TCM, my experiences

The Qi is very clear and brisk. Lots of wood element character.

According to TCM shou pu’er has a warming character.

Brewing tips

Works best in a teapot (gong-fu or side-handle) but it’s also good boiled or brewed in a thermos.

Availability, price, source info (updated 22.09.2022)

Good availability.

Most likely price will increase 5-10% annually.

Yunnansourcing.com tea:
2020 Yunnan Sourcing “Big Snow Mountain” Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

Additional information

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