1996 The Crazy One

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1996 The Crazy One

The Crazy One is a very strong and special 90s partially fermented shou. It’s quite expensive but might be worth it if you are familiar with gongfu brewing.

Origin, processing, trees

The leaf material is quite small and broken up so the cake is quite brittle. It was not fermented fully originally leaving room for further aging.

This is a special CNNP tea for exporting to Malaysia but it ended up staying dry stored in Kunming.

Taste, aroma, mouthfeel

The taste is complex, strong and vibrant with aged taste, tar, liquorice and tobacco.

Qi, TCM, my experiences

Very strong and vibrant Qi. In my notes I described it as “trippy and warpy”

When I was tasting some samples a few years ago this tea really stood out with the super strong and vibrant character so I named it The Crazy One so it was easy to distinguish from the other samples.

According to TCM shou pu’er has a warming character.

Brewing tips

I found that it works much better gong-fu than side-handle which didn’t bring out the character of the tea out so well. Like all shous it should be also good boiled or brewed in a thermos but I didn’t try that yet.

Especially suitable tea for a cold weather or if you are a bit chilly. Suitable as an evening tea.

Availability, price, source info (updated 21.02.2022)

Only full cakes for sale.

Good availability. As with all good aged teas most likely the price will increase in the near future.

Yunnansourcing.com tea:
1996 CNNP “Green Mark Te Ji” Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

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15g sample (5 business days processing time), 15g sample (group order processing time), 357g cake (5 business days processing time), 357g cake (group order processing time)

2 reviews for 1996 The Crazy One

  1. Jesse

    Decent shou with nice, calm and composed energy.

    Compared to Water lily, this has stronger pile flavour. In my experience this could either mean younger shou, longer piling or maybe simply difference in storage. I strongly dislike pile flavour, hence lower rating.
    After few steeps, taste balances out and turns out pretty nice. Texture of the brew reminds me of coffee, there is also similar, slightly dusty or ashy off-note that Water lily had. Some acidity, maybe that’s what reminds me of coffee. Mouthfeel is smooth, slippery. Not very thick for shou.
    Pretty strong energy in this tea. Also for shou quite ‘heady’, doesn’t feel that grounding at all. Maybe more of an morning tea.
    I haven’t read any of Tertti’s description before writing this, all I have said here are just my impressions from one session.

  2. Samuli

    I had 12 Gram bag of ”The crazy one” puer Tea. That’s enough for 2 good brews. Since it’s really special tea, I thought I would wait for the perfect moment to drink it. Well, this morning I had really difficult feelings and emotions going on in me and I thought I will give the ”crazy one” a chance, even though it wasn’t a perfect moment like I had imagined.

    That turned out to be a good decision. I felt that the ”crazy one” is strong and gentle at the same time. It helped me open up for a bigger head space, where my difficult emotions seemed not that big or serious anymore. They were still there but they kinda lost their weight. During the second cup I started to feel even really euphoric, like someone would have been taking care of me a really beautiful way. I felt that the difficult emotions didn’t rule me anymore and there was a much bigger space and understanding instead. That is a relieving and beautiful state to be. Now after few hours I’m still better than before drinking the ”crazy one”. I feel that the difficult things are still in me, but at least I got a nice long relaxing moment where they lost their power over me. And I also got a chance to look at them from another percpective. I would consider this puer tea a really good and effective medicine/tool that directs my attention to a beautiful accepting space even in middle of very difficult times. Compared to other puers that I’ve drunk, this one is probably the strongest so far, in a beautiful way.

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