2014 Cloud Hidden

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2014 Cloud Hidden

Cloud Hidden is especially high quality loose leaf shou pu’er from Northern Laos. It was the tea of the month in Global Tea Hut October 2015 issue.

Origin, processing, trees

The tea was processed very skillfully from an exceptionally good leaf material for a shou pu’er. The leaves are big and whole.

In this tea you can really taste and feel the pure Northern Laos environment, good leaf material and skillful processing.

This tea was processed in a very special way. It was fermented (wet-piled) in summer 2014 but the leaf material is from spring 2013. First two different teas were made; sheng pu’er maocha and hongqing green tea. Maocha was sun-dried and green tea oven dried. Also the kill green (frying) process for these teas was a bit different. After making those two teas they were left to rest for a year. Next summer they were put together and fermented into a shou pu’er.

Taste, aroma, mouthfeel

Fresh woody smell with a hint of spices and herbs. The taste is very bright and pure. Amazingly oily and fresh mouthfeel. When brewed well you can also feel hui gan (returning minty freshness in the mouth).

Qi, TCM, my experiences

According to traditional Chinese medicine shou pu’er has a warming character.

Has quite a strong “rooting” and relaxing Qi.

Brewing tips

Works best in a teapot (gong-fu or side-handle) but it’s also good boiled or brewed in a thermos.

Batch info

I have a few kilos available and then this tea is gone. It’s not possible to get more from wholesale.


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1 review for 2014 Cloud Hidden

  1. Ville Sorsa

    One of the best young-ish shou puers I’ve had. Taste is very clean, there’s no “dustiness” or unpleasant fermentation side-product tastes as in many other puers. Taste-wise one of the best ones I’ve had.
    I’ve also had many deep tea session drinking this one.

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