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I love using a stick burner for outdoor tea. It’s very lightweight, small, easy to take with and cheap. This model has a very convenient hole on the side for adding firewood while the kettle is on top. The only downside is that it doesn’t work well when it’s windy. I’ve used my backpack as a wind protection successfully.

By far the best stick burner model is this one from Aliexpress. I suggest the size L but M works well too.

I don’t want to buy and sell these so I’m just sharing where to get one. I don’t even get any commission on these.

Get yours from Aliexpress:
Stick burner (not affiliate link)
+ this gadget might help keep up the fire (not affiliate link)

I usually choose the “Aliexpress standard shipping” because it will arrive a lot faster but costs only a few euros more.

!!!I’m not a seller here. I just refer to a third party which is selling it!!!


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