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(including VAT if applicable)
6€ Finland
12€ Baltics
15€ To zones 1,2
35€ To zones 3,4

This is for order choice 3 where you choose teas which some of I have and some don’t have in storage at the time of ordering. You are willing to pay the shipping fee twice (just add this product to the cart) in order to receive some of the tea quicker. The first shipping fee will be added to the order normally. The teas which I have in storage at the time of ordering will be shipped in 5 business days and the ones I don’t in 8 weeks.

The order processing time (5 days or 8 weeks) is described clearly in the products’ weight text when adding to cart.

Price includes VAT if applicable.

See more detailed explanation of ordering in Ordering & Shipping process.

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Finland, Baltics, Zones 1,2, Zones 3,4


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