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Welcome to my therapeutic online counseling, a 1,5 hour long session done via video call. In this session, I will guide you to understanding and getting to know your challenges better, focusing on creating a feeling of safety and allowing you to explore without forcing anything.

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What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?
I use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, which I have learned through my personal therapy and online training. IFS sees that we are all made up of a system of various sub-personalities or ‘parts’, and these parts have their own feelings, thinking, fears and actions. Though all parts in the IFS model are wellintentioned, their current methods can sometimes be counterproductive and may be rooted in past traumatic experiences

Aside from these protective parts is the “Self which is sometimes referred to as the soul or higher consciousness. When the “Self is present enough within the system, it is characterized by its calming, compassionate and curious nature, which can lead to natural healing.

With my therapeutic online counseling, you can benefit from the opportunity to gain insight into yourself, your reactions, and inner conflicts. With this knowledge, you can work with these parts in your day-to-day life, being able to recognize and communicate about your active parts in social situations. With my help, you can begin to make real, lasting changes in your life.

Please note I’m not an accredited IFS therapist nor a healthcare professional.

What can you expect during our therapeutic session?
I will be asking you questions about your emotions, body sensations, images or thoughts related to the topic you’d like to explore. We’ll work together to better understand any parts that may be involved, such as what they are trying to do, why, and what they are worried about. Sometimes expressing emotion or body movement during this process can be helpful, and I will take care to ensure that we never push past your comfort level.

How can this guidance help you?
It is very common for people to have unrecognized behaviors, reactions, and inner conflicts. For example, a part of you may feel fear/anger/sadness and think you should react in a certain way, while another part prevents you from doing so to avoid conflict. It can be hard to be aware of when these dynamics happen automatically. The goal of this guidance is to become more familiar with these parts and how they make you feel. Once you have a better understanding of them, you can start to work with them in your day-to-day life. Simply recognizing and communicating about your active parts in social situations can be very helpful.

Once your protective parts trust you enough (which may take years), they will relax and give space for you to work with the traumatized parts of yourself. While I can provide guidance along this journey, I recommend seeking an official IFS therapist if you wish to move forward with this process as I am not qualified to do so.

What should you expect from the free introduction session?
You will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work, get to know about at least one protective part and its location in the body, and become familiar with me, my style of guidance, and how I work.
I am excited to guide you in exploring your inner world and uncovering the different aspects of yourself.

What should you expect from the 3xsession package?
With the three 1,5h sessions package, you can expect to gain an understanding of 1-3 main protectors, the motivations behind their actions, and what they are concerned about. Additionally, you will receive practical tips on how to work with the parts in your everyday life.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up the session?
-Buy the product (even the free intro)
-Pay your order (if you bought the 3xsession package)
-Reserve 1 or 3 slots for the session(s) from the booking system here: https://www.picktime.com/TerttiTenhola
Please book your session at least two days to the future so I have time to organize.
-After the reservation and possible payment has been received I will confirm the time for the session via email.
-We will conduct the session on the designated time

Can I hold the session in Finnish?
Yes. I’m fluent in Finnish and English.

More questions?
If you have any questions or need any clarification on anything, please feel free to reach out to me at tertti[@ here]liquidmetta.com. I‘m always happy to help!

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1,5h free intro session, 3×1,5h session package

3 reviews for 1-on-1 therapeutic counseling

  1. Samu

    I got in touch with one of my childhood trauma (wich I didnt know existed before) in my session with Tertti. I felt enough safety with him so that this was posible. Tertti asked me good questions and hold the space nicely.
    I can recommend this ❤️

  2. Cosmo

    I parcticipated In Terttis IFS treatment session. When we started the session, Tertti made sure I had my needs met, it felt really welcoming. He made sure I knew that everything happening inside of me is welcomed to the space and that I wouldnt have to cross my boundaries in any way. We started the session by diving in to a meditation, after that Tertti started guiding me with his words. He helped me to recognise and locate feelings and bodily sensations, and we started working on those, asking questions like where or why are these thougths and feelings arising, guiding me towards the essence of these sensations. After working good time on these themes we slowly started coming back and ended the session. The session helped me to recognise different kind of nuances happening inside of me and guided those in to the surface. After all i think the session healed me and enhanced the way I reflect on things happening inside of me. Terttis touch is warm and accepting and i can highly recomend this!

  3. Rafael

    I’ve known Tertti personally for several years already, I’ve worked with another more experienced IFS therapist, and I’ve done a lot of independent work on myself using the IFS-model. Also, before the session, I had been working with protectors of a very central exile of mine, exile carrying the sense of worthlessness. Because of all the above, my protectors were very vigilant and cautious in the beginning, casting doubts and criticism towards Tertti’s guidance.
    So the setting was challenging. But we sticked to it, and Tertti made sure to respect and not to push against the fears of my protectors. And then I realized, that a part of me was projecting my insecurities towards Tertti, that it was in me, rather than in him. And we followed this path, and I found my way to a very important, burdened protector, related to the exile I mentioned earlier. I knew about this protector before hand, but I hadn’t got direct Self-led contact to it before.
    Unfortunately, we were already past scheduled time. Tertti asked me how we should proceed, and I decided to end the session, and would continue to work with this part independently. And then I noticed that it was significantly harder to work with this part alone, compared to while been guided by Tertti. In other words, when the session ended, I realized how deep a sense of security there really was!
    I will definitely have another session with Tertti, and I can recommend his IFS guidance to others as well, especially if you have some previous experience with emotional work.

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