2010 “normal” liubao #2

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2010 “normal” liubao #2

2010 “normal” liubao #2 is a classic liubao with an uplifting energy. It’s kind of like a small brother of “normal” liubao #1 with less fancy quality and more affordable price.

Origin, processing, trees

The leaf grade is medium so bigger than in “normal” liubao #1. Also the tea is a bit more fermented than #1. It comes from Duoteli liubao factory and was aged in Malaysia.

Taste, aroma, mouthfeel

Baked, vegetal, fresh, chinese medicine, round taste. Less diverse than “normal” liubao #1.

Qi, TCM, my experiences

This and #1 are my new interesting liubao buddies because they have quite uplifting and strong energy. In my experience usually liubaos tend to be calmer and more harmonizing than uplifting/buzzy.

According to TCM Liu Bao has a cooling or warming character depending on the situation.
It has a strong uplifting Qi. I reckon this tea will be a perfect social “lubricant” for semi-casual gong-fu gatherings with friends.

I don’t have a lot of experiences with this tea but it has come a staple in my liubao diet. It’s a sure choice for my Sri Lanka holiday since it’s very hot there and this has a cooling character when it’s really hot.

Brewing tips

Works best in a teapot (gong-fu or side-handle) but it’s also good boiled or brewed in a thermos.

Batch info

I have a small amount available now and I can’t get more from wholesale until Autumn 2020. The price is going to increase next time a bit (maybe 10%).


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