2005 Four Gold Coins

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2005 Four Gold Coins

2005 Four Gold Coins is a super full bodied Liu Bao (六堡) dark tea. It’s one of those “all-around” teas, suitable for pretty much any kind of tea session.

One of the all time favorites of Liquid Metta. After Gentle Home this tea is the most popular tea.

Origin, processing, trees

It is quite fermented compared to other Liu Baos. Often these kind of Liu Baos are aimed towards Hong Kong tea drinkers who like more earthy tastes. It was stored in Malaysia.

Liu Bao(六堡) is a dark (fermented) tea from Guangxi province, China.

The most important difference in dark tea processing to other teas is the post-fermentation step where the leaves are gathered to big piles and fermented in moist and warm conditions for 1-2 months. This process is caused by microbes in the leaves and should not be confused with the oxidation of black tea. Post fermentation or “wet-piling” is a similar process to decomposing, hence the earthy smell and taste. Also shou (ripe) pu’er is post-fermented but it’s not dried over a pinewood fire or compressed to big baskets like Liu Bao.

Processing steps of Liu Bao

1. Picking
2. Kill-green, stopping the oxidation by frying or steaming
3. Withering over night
4. Rolling
5. Wet-piling
6. Drying over pinewood fire
7. Steaming and compressing to big baskets

Taste, aroma, mouthfeel

Very earthy and smooth taste. You can also find hints of Chinese Medicine.

It is probably the thickest and oiliest tea I know. If you make it thick it’s creamier and oilier than pure cream (trust me I drink pure cream regularly).

Qi, TCM, my experiences

For me it has a gentle, relaxing and thick Qi but for some it can also be somewhat trippy.

According to TCM Liu Bao has cooling or warming character depending on the situation. I would say this has more warming character than liubaos usually have.

We (me, Ville and Bea) fell in love with Four Gold Coins already in 2014 sparking the interest in other dark teas than shou pu’er. We were brewing it everywhere. For example under a bridge while ice swimming (check the third photo). Unluckily we didn’t win the Gth photo contest with the photo 🙁

Brewing tips

It’s best brewed super dark.

Best brewed in a teapot (gong-fu or side-handle) but it’s also good boiled or brewed in a thermos

Availability, price, source info (updated 21.02.2022)

I have a few kilos available.
The price has increased a lot in the last few years. I should be able to keep this price about 1-2 years.

This tea comes from a supplier which is selling only wholesale amounts (10kg+) so I don’t think it makes sense to share their information.

BUT you can get a very very similar tea from Chantingpines.com:
I’m not exactly sure if this is the very same batch. It might be slightly different and/or slightly different storage.

Additional information

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100g (5 days processing time), 100g (group order processing time), 15g sample (5 business days processing time), 15g sample (8 weeks processing time), 15g sample (group order processing time), 1kg original bag (5 days processing time), 1kg original bag (group order processing time), 300g (5 business days processing time), 300g (8 weeks processing time), 300g (group order processing time)

4 reviews for 2005 Four Gold Coins

  1. Ville Sorsa

    My number one favorite young-ish liu bao tea thus far. Fermentation level is very high, which makes it somewhat similar to shou puer. Very soft dark taste. Works well as boiled tea, for example to boil in a kettle on a campfire. And because it’s liu bao, it’s suitable for both summer and winter time.

  2. Thomas Carroll

    I’ve been drinking mid 2000’s 4 Gold Coin Liu Bao for a few years. It’s an amazing tea. It’s dark, rich ,affordable and good in any season. Some of my favourite teas are dark and earthy. Leaving me with a sense of being grounded and vibrant. This tea is exactly that. I like 4GC tea, side handle, gongfu, and boiled. I’m enjoying learning the differences that alternate tea ceremony styles have on a particular tea . Tertti picked a winner here and I’m grateful 💚🙏🏻🍵😊

  3. Jesse H

    This is a really nice Liu Bao that I always find myself reaching for. There’s something very “homely” about it, I take a sip and feel like I’ve arrived once again. Comforting and does wonders for my circulation and mood.

  4. Topi L

    Absolutely great all rounder. Such a smooth and earthy taste. Tastes good no matter how you make it. Lovely tea!

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