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Webshop is open & my recommendations

Hi all!

I’m happy to announce that the webshop and the first big order time are open now. So if you want to stock up tea in bigger amounts you have time to place your order until 20:00 14.3.2020 (UTC+02:00 time). After that it’s samples only time until next Autumn. You can also buy samples during the big order time.

If you want to have bigger amounts of tea with quick processing time there are some teas available with the short 5 day processing time. They are listed here: The rest of the teas are available in bigger amounts with the longer 8 week processing time. Samples are available both with quick and slow processing time but most of the 5 day ones have only a few in stock.

My new shirt. I hope you will end up rich with lots of pu’er which is more valuable than the money you spent on it.

My recommendations

Best price / quality
“Normal” Liubao #1 and #2, Gentle Home, Gaba Oolong

Best aged teas
Water Lily, White Heart, The Crazy One

For beginners
If you are not familiar with tea meditation / meditative tea ceremony you should try samples of a few different teas and then decide which ones you like and then go for a bigger amount next time. There’s no hurry for you to get a lot of tea which you might end up not liking.
Gaba Oolong, Laos Black Bar, “Normal” Liubao #1 or #2, Cloud Hidden/Gentle Home, Lincang Baby Lincang.

“House taste” set
Sampling these you will feel what’s Liquid Metta all about.
Gentle Home/Cloud Hidden, The Crazy One/Water Lily/White Heart, “Normal” Liubao #1 or #2 , Laos Black Bar/Amber, Lincang Baby Lincang, Gaba Oolong.

My personal top 5 at the moment
Some of these will change to lighter and greener teas when the spring and summer come.
Gentle Home, “Normal” Liubao #2, Water Lily, White Heart, Laos Shou Bar

I’m happy to answer any questions about the teas or the ordering process. Enjoy!