Ordering & Shipping process

Big order time
You can order both bigger quantities and small samples. You can buy maximum two samples of each tea. There is no limit for the bigger quantities except what is shown in stock. Depending on which teas and amounts you order the order processing time is different (choices 1,2 and 3). The order processing time (5 business days or 8 weeks) is described clearly in the products’ weight text when adding the product to cart.

Choice 1
You choose only teas which are all available at the time of ordering and you will receive them quickly. You will pay one shipping fee and I will send the samples and bigger amounts to you in 5 business days.

Choice 2
You choose teas which only some I have in storage at the time of ordering. You want to pay only one shipping fee and are willing to wait longer to receive your parcel. I will send all of your teas in 8 weeks.

Choice 3
You choose teas which some of I have and some don’t have in storage at the time of ordering. You are willing to pay the shipping fee twice (add it to the cart here) in order to receive some of the tea quicker. The teas which I have in storage at the time of ordering will be shipped in 5 business days and the ones I don’t in 8 weeks.

Choice 4
Choose only “8 weeks processing time” products and pay one shipping fee. The order is processed in 8 weeks.

Reasoning for these choices
If I would only sell tea which I have in storage I would have to invest a LOT more (for example 100 teas times 2kg = 200kg) in teas in my storage and increase the prices because of increased storage and importing costs. I also would have to buy the big stock “blind” and hope you will buy it rather than being sure it’s a tea that you want. If you wouldn’t want to buy it I would have lots of money invested in tea just lying around in my storage which is obviously not good for anyone. Additionally this allows me to avoid some customs hassle which keeps my prices lower.

Why don’t I sell bigger quantities throughout the year?
Essentially this would be exactly the opposite how my business is planned.

My wholesale purchases are planned with not having big amounts in stock. But still sometimes because of different reasons I have to buy more tea than for sample use only. If this is the case (in big order time) I will happily send you the tea in my storage first and then order more from wholesale rather than let you wait 8 weeks and then send the bigger amount.

I would need to order and ship bigger quantities all the time throughout the year. I would lose a lot of flexibility. Essentially this would go against the whole business model.

Doing wholesale ordering and customer shipping like this allows me to keep the prices of the teas low because my expenses are low and I have more flexibility than a “classical” webshop. I believe this is an excellent way to order tea for the people interested in clean medicinal tea for meditation and ceremony. And for the moment it seems that this is the only way I can run this business.

I’m always happy to hear suggestions and feedback so please comment if you have anything in mind.

Why only maximum two samples per tea?
This is because the whole point of the webshop is for you to have small samples to test first and then make a bigger order twice per year. Even if you would be willing to pay the slightly more expensive price for samples than bigger quantities I would lose a lot of samples from the storage and people who just want to have a small test sample of the tea couldn’t get them. Or I would suddenly need to pack much more samples which takes a lot of time and effort so I would lose flexibility.

Shipping info

Flat shipping fees
(including VAT if applicable)
6€ Finland
12€ Baltics
15€ To zones 1,2
35€ To zones 3,4

Estimated shipping times
Finland: 2 business days
Baltics: 2 business days
Zones 1,2: 3-7 business days
Zones 3,4: 6-14 business days

Order processing times
Sample order time: 5 business days
Big order time: 8 weeks

Shipping zones

  • Finland
  • Baltics: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
  • Zones 1,2: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.
  • Zones 3,4: Rest of the countries not listed in Finland, Baltics or zones 1 and 2.

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