Group order 21-27.9.2020

~2000 White Heart. One of the more special aged shous.

Group order is open now!

So now you can order both bigger amounts and samples. The group order will close next Sunday at 21:00 (UTC+3). If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Here’s a wrap up what’s going on this time.

New teas

I have added some new teas (especially younger sheng pu’ers). Please check them out.

2015 Red Rose – Strong old tree shou pu’er
2015 Sheng To Be Named #3– Nice and calm sheng with a hint of age
2019 Sheng To Be Named #2 – Very high quality sheng with a bit heavy price tag
2019 Sheng To Be Named #1 – Vibrant and very good price to quality sheng
2000s Sheng To Be Named #5 – Semi aged “tobaccoish” sheng. A good deal.
1990s Balance – Aged shou with great energy
1990s Liu An – smooth and calm dark tea


Four Gold Coins and Normal Liubao #1 are available in good quantities but Normal Liubao #2 is not possible to get this time. Hopefully it will be available next January.

I have some other small batches (Double SteamBeneath The Pines and Lao Liu Bao) and Anti-Hötky (reduced price) also available.

Small batches from personal stash

I would like to share a few teas which have been sitting in my personal storage for some time. These are priced very modestly and some of them are really small batches.

2000s Double Steam, liubao 
2000s Beneath The Pines, liubao 
2000s Lao Liu Bao, liubao
1998 Red Grandmaster, shou pu’er 
2015 Laos Maocha “Hatsa Village” , sheng pu’er
2015 Laos Maocha “Gaia”, sheng pu’er
2015 Laos Maocha “Su”, sheng pu’er
1990s Enlightenment, kind of like shou pu’er
1985 Muzha Tie Guan Yin, oolong


There are some bowls available from Petr Novak and Xander Rijkee. Check them out here:

Hoping to be of service,