Friends, discounts and tea sources

95% of the time there will be no discounts in the shop. I might offer an extra sample sometimes but that’s it. Doing business like this avoids me a lot of hassle and I can keep the prices lower for you. If you are planning to order 10kg or more send me a message and I can offer a discount.

Friends and companies have the same prices than in my webshop except if you order 10kg or more you get a 15% discount.

This is because if I offer discounts to some friends or companies I need to choose which of them receive the discount and which don’t. Essentially that would mean I need to “put a value” to certain friend against other friends with some sort of criteria which would feel really bad.

The other thing is that if I offer discounts I would need to increase the prices in the webshop because I would be having less profit (I don’t think these discounts would get people to buy so much more in average). This would cause people buying less from the webshop because prices are higher. And I don’t want to hassle all the time with discounts. I’m not running a shop which is running all the time those “X discount for this and that product only for three days” ad campaigns. It’s annoying and I don’t think you would like it either.

The same reasoning goes for saying where I buy the teas. I would need to choose which friends I tell and which don’t with some sort of “value or trustworthy algorithm”. Obviously I can’t tell where I get the teas to everyone in order to protect my brand. And my close friends already know most of the places anyways so they don’t need to ask.

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